About Us

Effective definition of critical path together with our client, short, efective and to the point communication at and with all levels to design, plan and drive the established targets to be reality.

Welcome to FGC

The FGC team consists of Professionals which are accustomed to listen and to participate in a constructive form of problem-solving, our work atmosphere is open, professional, hearty, and comradely.

Our Mission

Success is a consequence of, Knowledge, passion to the detail, hard work and ethical values, in FGC we are aware and enthusiastic to bring these traits and values to each assignment to bring outstanding performance within a defined period.

Our Vision

Be a highly effective and valuable extension of our customers strategy, purpose and governance to flow with the same spirit and passion achieving sustainable and environmentally solutions and processes.

Core Values

Our Team

International and proven experience 

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding Performance according to goals and defined KPI’s, over achievement in the majority of the targets.

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.

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