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We are experts in the industry with more than 20 years of experience for Industrial Interim and Project management.

Who we are

We are a team of achievers with proven skills and long-term expertise in our fields of experience. We pay special attention in the selection process of our FGC Managers(f/m) to fit the best candidate to each project to assure sustainable success. Qualified leadership, reliable transformational experience combined with an immediate availability ensure the desired critical expertise.

What We Do

Provide highly skilled and selected on-site and off-site resources, perfectly matched to each category and project to autonomously manage and complete projects within a pre-established time frame

Interim Management

FGC’s Interim Management resources are bilingual/trilingual, cross-cultural and with an extensive Tier One background in the industry. Read more


FGC support planning and implementation for MRP-ERP either from base “Zero” or from already existing and implemented systems to extend or improve. We have experienced personal with an international Master degree in MRP-ERP systems integration. FGC will do a procedural review to determine the actual status, proficiencies and skill gap, prepare a detailed Data per process or flow and based on the forementioned we develop a detailed action plan per area or process with timing and responsibles for execution.. . Read more

Financial expertise

FGC elaborates complete financial reviews for operational plants or areas, locating opportunities for improvement, establishing a Gap analysis with precise action plants by process, area or department integrated into a overall encompassing action plan to maximize efficiency and effectiveness to increase EBITDA. Read more

Commercial Expertise

Our team will support in preparation for new markets and promote the growth of your company. FGC will give complete advice through a market analysis, research competitors and possible market entry barriers with risks and opportunities. If you rate this first stage positively, FGC will advise you on the development of your market strategy. Whether export or branch office, we look for the right trading partner for you, whether importer, distributor or simply a customer. For more than 30 years we have specialized in industry and retail. Read more

Re-structuring Projects

FGC Managers have a realistic concept from "here and now", starting with an objective status report. Our Managers are able to define precisely opportunities with analytical methods and present resulting activities in a clear and understandable format. The destination of every journey is defined from a starting point to the end point, all activities are planned by knowledgeable and seasoned FGC managers from previous experience. This is the only way transformation can be safely, successfully and sustainably implemented. Read more

Greenfield Projects

FGC has participated in several greenfield and Brownfield projects to secure exponential growth for future customer requirements. We have seasoned and experienced Managers which will help starting from the design phase to the actual Start of production by advising or take ownership early in the project, commencing with legal, HR, operational requirements and taking into account the cultural aspect.Read more

How Can We Help


 Establish improvement plan from actual situation to final target.


 Provide punctual or overall support with expereinced FGC Managers


Carry through cultural change based on objectives and  constant activities by reporting of metric and KPI and definition of immediate corrective actions deployment.

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Our resources will give your Operations maximum Performance

General Management 1

Our FGC managers have proven and successful track records, detailed industrial knowledge, Customer and supplier background.

Marketing and sales 2

FGC will create, develop and implement a market entry plan for new products in North America. Preparing a Market analysis and strategy, help to define locations and trading partners for import or export.

Operations 3

We are hands on and shop floor driven our FGC technicians and Project managers have been trained in their field to lead, guide and mange effectively.

Finance and Governance 4

Financial reviews to determine operational opportunities and to establish Corrective Roadmap to improve overall Rentability of Industrial operations. Prioritize, Integrate and Disclose ESG and Governance in Administration and Operational enterprises.

Evaluations 5

Industrial Appraisals for Buildings, Machinery and equipment. Appraisals to define the Market Value for Intangibles to prepare for M&A or Bank Credit


FGC prepares, leads and supports the definition, implementation and rollout of ERP-MRP Systems. Our team has Internationally recognized Master Certifications to be at the latest level, including Human Capital planning and 360 degree evaluations

Procurement 7

FGC has strong procurement managers and personal to lead and drive about one fourth of the total synergy and supply chain volume of an Tier one or Tier 2 operation.

HR 8

FGC uses the latest technology in Human Capital management based on data and objective completely transparent for employees and managers with an 360 degree approach.

Service 9

Interim management Owner ship transfer, Project and Program Management, relocation of Plants and operational equipment, Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

Real Estate Services 10

FGC has participated in large Industrial expansion or growth projects, defining locations for Production, warehouse or distribution centers, we support from the Idea to the start of production with all necessary planning, resources and Equipment installation.

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding Performance according to goals and defined KPI’s, over achievement in the majority of the targets.

Our Partners

We work very closely in a direct and effective relationship with our final customers and Partners all over the World to provide the best service and efficiency in all assignments.

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