Interim Management

FGC’s Interim Management resources are bilingual/trilingual, cross-cultural and with an extensive Tier One background in the industry.


From CxO to Management and specialized technical support, has been provided to support our clients. The FGC team supports the management, introduces specialists and optimizes production processes, reduces production and quality costs, improves delivery reliability. To increase effectiveness we generate, financial and operational status reports based on Industrial KPIs and Metrics to define the actual status and to create a road map for the future status with detailed actions plans for each process and department, including Human Capital activities for training to elevate key positions to the required skill level. FGC provides induction and development of the internal organization, the operating model and governance including recruitment worldwide.

Top Challenges we have overcome.

FGC has restructured a multinational enterprise, with Plants in Europe, Brazil and Mexico by defining a centralized vision of Key industrial indicators for all operating units, centralizing Logistic and procurement areas form 10 different locations into one global acting department. The first improvements could already be seen within the first six month.

FGC has recovered and restored employee satisfaction after a crisis time in a 3,000-employee operation, working closely with the employee’s management and Union to improve communications, prepare work plans, install Town hall meetings and pinpoint critical opportunities with effective actions. Increase employee morale and engagement to reduce attrition and loss of skilled technicians.

A industrial plant of 2000+ employees identified by HQ to be closed because of underperformance, the project was given to FGC to either Improve within one year or to be shut down. FGC successfully restructured the Industrial operation, improving from negative EBIT to a positive EBIT within 12 month , employee satisfaction to Best in class and all Customer satisfaction Indicators to green status.

How We Work

We at FGC do not provide CV’s. We provide Personalities with experience, know-how and who take on ownership from the first day on, our Team is an active factor to design, drive, implement and sustain the changes necessary to achieve the targets in time in team wort with all associates and departments.

Our strength lies in the short reaction time in having the correct resource for the job to be done, this applies for Restructuring, Transformational, Production and process projects of industrial and or administrative projects.

To create a direct, short and effective communication our team members on and off site report in direct line to the responsible customer contact in a daily, weekly or monthly routine.

Metric and KPI based reporting simplifies reports, addresses the process or area and demonstrates the actual status, corrective action plans are submitted with each report.

How We Help

FGC right from the start we develop a road map together with our clients which include a brief status of the actual opportunities, the skills and team required to perform this project successfully.

FGC will bring the right person (F/M) to be interviewed by the customer, if accepted we go right away into the first phase of the project, based on the governing road map designed between the client and FGC.

Measure each area or process with the correct metric, establishing a reliable base, prepare graphical charts to show the actual status.

Define a gap analysis for each metric, prepare a detailed action plan with process, cause and effect, responsible and implementation time.

Coach and train associates in operation and administration with a proven methodology, foster and create and positive and creative work environment.

Readjust Weekly, monthly follow ups based on measurables and corrective action plans to lead and drive the project with high velocity to the final target.

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