Industries We Serve


Interim Management for Automotive, Electronic, Equipment and Machinery. Restructuring and reorganization of complete operational units and multi plant operations Transformational projects to foster culture and sustainability (ESG)

Industrial real estate

Locate Industrial real estate options. Prepare permits for land operations and services, communicate with local authorities. Find suitable and reliable construction companies. Turnkey services. Built to suit, Lease back and other Lease and or purchase models will be considered to offer the best suitable option.


Startups and expansion projects Development of Branch net work

Construction Industrial

New Industrial sites Expansion of Industrial sites Greenfield and Brownfield Search and locate industrial options. Warehouses and Distribution centers Support design and development Building Construction and Machinery and equipment installation support

Heavy Equipment

Industrial heavy equipment design and installation for equipment weighing up to 100 tons


Furniture manufacturing for retail business Layout design and development

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.

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